Exclusive for pros Majifashion

Dare to color, on and on.
High visibility fashion colors, with ultimate care.


MajiFASHION, the professional in-salon haircolor for high visibility fashion colors, with ultimate care.

Its multiple innovative technologies goes from intense color hues to translucent sheer effects for infinite multi-faceted and light reflective color results.

MajiFASHION formula is concentrated in ionène G for +45% more conditioned hair*.

What it does

MajiFASHION Pastel

Boosted in reflects formula for translucent fashion color result & utmost light reflection.


Highly pigmented formula for intense bold color result & long-lasting visibility, up to 42 washes*.


Perfectly calibrated formula for caring & long-lasting intense color result. +45% more conditioned hair*.


Flawless coverage with an intense color hues offer.


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MajiFASHION is L’Oréal’s representative oxidation permanent hair dye with rich shine and deep, vivid color.

  • Modern and premium package: An elegant and sophisticated package that best embodies the brand's French heritage.
  • Infinite color challenge possible without hesitation: Provides vivid fashion colors with rich care effects. Ionin G technology provides softness to hair after dyeing
  • Designer convenience UP: Increases readability of color numbers listed on packages and tubes so that colors can be quickly and easily distinguished in busy salons
  • Creamy, non-sticky texture: Blends more smoothly than before, making it easier to use 1 Mix of first and second agents possible


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