Dia color

Reverse melanin loss effects for 6 weeks of gloss color¹ and up to 70% grey coverage.

¹Instrumental & consumer tests.

Discover the science behind Dia color.

The tech

The end of dull hair is here. 
[Melanin Gap Filler Technology]

Fills gaps from lost melanin and reinjects color inside the fiber. Up to 92% natural origin1. No ammonia. - Compensate melanin loss effects for 6 weeks of gloss color2. - Up to 70% grey coverage.

1 Maximum % of naturality across all shades of the range, with at least 84%.
2 Instrumental

The science

Reverse melanin loss effects for 6 weeks of gloss color.

Melanin molecules in hair provide color, vibrancy, and shine: Melanin degrades as we age, causing dullness and grey hair. Dia color revives vibrant visible reflects and provides nourishing shine that lasts.


Dia color for the future.

- 36% less packaging¹. - 27 fewer tons of paper¹. - 100% recycled + recyclable packaging. - 95% post recycled aluminum tube¹.

¹Vs. Dia Richesse

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