Ammonia free iNOA

Luxurious in-salon colour experience powered by Oil. No Ammonia.

- Up to +48% shinier results*
- 60% Oil inside
- NEW fluid formula: faster and easier to mix, apply and rinse**.
- Up to 100% white hair coverage***
- Ammonia-free for a pleasant smell.
- New Pack – Removed leaflet inside and QR code on carton with direct link to education.

*vs. before colouration. **vs previous Inoa. ***Instrumental test, vs before colour


Our luxurious Ammonia-free hair colour experience powered by Oil. It's unique patented Oil Delivery System technology gives high impact colour, up to +48% shinier results* and optimal scalp comfort for healthier looking hair. iNOA is ammonia-free making it pleasant to use whilst providing up to 100% white hair coverage. It's NEW formula is more fluid and managable. It is faster and easier to apply, easier to mix, rinse and extend to the lengths** for better application.

*vs. before colouration.
**vs previous iNOA.


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iNOA: Express White Coverage Rules

iNOA: How to do a Virgin Application

iNOA: White Coverage Scenario

iNOA: What and How to use

How to

Wear suitable disposable gloves.
Use exclusively with the recommended iNOA oxidants 10, 20 and 30 volume (9%) maximum/ Do not use with hydrogen peroxide greater than 30 volume(9%).
Use only the indicated proportions.
Do not use metallic tools(clips, comb,...)
When a shaker is used, open immediately after mixing to avoid the shaker bursting and the product overflowing.
Use only with iNOA oxidant. For each application, mix the same amount of iNOA colour and oxidant(mix1+1).
Mix together with a whisk until a homogenous texture is obtained.

Apply to root area and, if necessary, the lengths and ends.
Development time: 35min.
Please do not add water and development time starts at the end of the root’s application.
Note: When a white hair mixture is applied to the roots, take through with the reflects shade only.

After the development time, emulsify very gently for a few moments.
Rinse hair well after the development time.
Finish with the specific shampoo: iNOA Post or Metal Detox.


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