Curl Expression

Express your curls, the pro way.

For each type of curls & coils.

Highly concentrated actives.

"Curl Expression is a game changer."

Describe the co-development experience in one word. Amazing. We all approached curly hair differently, but our main goal and mission is to make sure that we make sure that we get the best out of curly hair. I feel like we basically came up with the best product line for curly hair.

"It's creamy, moisturizing, & super nourishing."

Describe the co-development experience in one word. A unique experience. The co-development was very well organized. We were able to exchange with hairdressers from all horizons, from 3 different continents! For me, it was a really rich experience.

"Curl Expression means freedom. "

Describe the co-development experience in one word. Apprenticeship. It was very satisfying to share knowledge with remarkable professionals from all over the world. During the pandemic, it was a massive challenge for us, but we held these online meetings where everyone was speaking different languages, yet we managed to understand each other and find a common denominator. We are able to share all these ideas made this product a huge success.

" I have never expected something like that."

Describe the co-development experience in one word. Inspiration. I was inspired by the whole team that we were. Hair is hair, whether you go to south, north, or east, we are all one and we are working to give solution to the challenges that our clients are facing.