[Metal Detox pre-shampoo treatment]

Refill 1 million hair micro-breaks, in 1 minute1.


1 Instrumental test.

[Metal Detox]

For 99% less breakage in one use1.

1 Instrumental test after Metal Detox pre-shampoo treatment + shampoo + mask.

Discover the science behind Metal Detox.

Why is metal dangerous for your hair?

Metal in water, penetrating inside your hair wash after wash, is one of the major causes of hair breakage. Porous hair has even higher risk of breaking as it absorbs 2x more water filled with metal¹.

Porous hair absorbs 2x more water with metal¹.

Through daily aggressions like chemical processing, heat styling or UV, micro-breaks multiply on the hair surface & cavities occur in the cortex, causing hair to get porous & absorb excess water with metal.
This leads to higher risks of breakage.


Metal Detox protocol is concentrated with Glicoamine, a chelating agent small enough to penetrate the fiber, trap metal & neutralize its effect.
For 99% less hair breakage in one use¹.

How to use Metal Detox?