The luxurious in-salon color experience. Powered by oil. No ammonia.

iNOA Black Abyss

Immersion into a surreal palette of pro-recipes for deepest blacks with a hint of color results.
Up to 100% grey coverage. 
Long lasting & high impact color thanks to Oil Delivery System


iNOA Red Nebula

New cool burgundy reds with high visibility dyes. 
For intense visibility on dark hair.
Up to –70% faded reflects after 10 weeks.1

1 Instrumental test vs. Without specific dyes.


iNOA Black Abyss.

10 surreal pro-recipes for blacks with a hint of color.
Long-lasting results and utmost coverage.
Powered by oil. No ammonia, vegan¹ formula.

¹Vegan formula: no animal-derived ingredients or by-products.


Crimson coral look.

Composed of: ¼ 3 + ¾ 5.60


Red reef look.

Composed of: ¼ 4 + ¾ 5.60


Deep anemone look.

Composed of: ¼ 2,10 + ¾ 5.60


Dark asterias look.

Composed of: ¼ 3 + ¾ 4.56


Algal blooms look.

Composed of: ¼ 4 + ¾ 4.56


Purple medusa look.

Composed of: ¼ 3 + ¾ 4.26


Navy smoke look.

Composed of: ¼ 3 + ¾ 5.17


Graphite reef look.

Composed of: ¼ 3.0 + ¾ 5.17


Seafoam grey look.

Composed of: ¼ 4 + ¾ 5.17


Plankton mocha look.

Composed of: ½ 3 + ½ 4.8


New shades: 4.26 et 5.26.

L’Oréal Professionnel lines up to the growing craze for this new generation of reds. Red has become a true social media phenomenon and by Pantone which has chosen Burgundy (19-1617 TCX) as the color of 2023.


Before & After

Learn how to go from dark bases to this sophisticated cool red with burgundy reflects.


No ammonia formula.

iNOA’s formula with no ammonia and 60% oil inside provides a unique color experience for you and your clients: - No odor. - Optimal scalp comfort. - Visibly improved hair quality.

Powered by oil.

We kept the core of INOA formula, powered by oil thanks to its ODS patented technology that propels the pigments inside the fiber, therefore eliminating the need of ammonia. Mixing ratio 1:1 Development time: 35min. Improved usage: - Faster & easier to apply* - Easier to rinse

*vs previous iNOA.

iNOA committed to the future.

We renovated iNOA making it more sustainable. Not only its formula is now vegan* but packaging improvements were also made: - Dematerialized instructions for -66T paper per year. - Tube made from 95% of recycled aluminium. - Recycled plastic cap.

*No animal derived ingredients or by-products

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