Ammonia free Dia Light

Neutralizing gloss and lengths refresher color.
The acidic gel-cream technology to neutralize & gloss after lightening and refresh lengths after color, the French way.


Dia Light is the perfect second step after a lightening service and a color or coverage service. 

Thanks to its acidic demi-permanent gel-crème haircolor without ammonia it is the perfect formula to neutralize any lightened hair and refresh any faded lenghts.  

Hair is balanced and 30% more conditioned for a healthier and natural looking result*. (instrumental test) 

What it does

  • Tone, gloss, refresh previously sensitized or colored hair
  • Customize your results thanks to a large palette of shades
  • Gentle acidic technology to balance the hair and close cuticles for healthier looking hair 
  • Nourishes the hair : hair is 30% more confitioned* (instrumental test)
  • Does no lift
  • Doesn't cover greys - for coverage of up to 70% greys, we recommend DIA Richesse

What else you need to know

  • A Must Have: Cool toning shades
    - Cool shades in Level 9 and 10 are amazing to tone and gloss your blondes in just 5-10 minutes
    - Cool toning shades from level 6 to 8 to neutralize and gloss any brunettes after lightening
  • Developer Pro Tips:
    You can use any DIActivateur Developer with DIA Light, but our Artists recommend:
    - 6-vol. DIActivateur Developer for your blondes
    - 9-vol. DIActivateur Developer for your brunettes
  • Service Options:
    - Corrective color/pre-coloration
    - Refresh permanent haircolor on lengths
    - Neutralize/tone highlights and Balayage
    - Lowlights


How to

Mixing ratio:


DIActivateur 6 vol / DIActivateur 9 vol 


Learn more on ingredients on LPS.